About Geocan More than 40 years for your Back-to-School needs!

Geocan holds a place of choice when it comes time to provide you with everything you need for school.

Designers and distributors of school products, we are committed to creating school bags, accessories and stationery of high quality and following the latest trends.


Our reputation

The enviable reputation and knowledge we have gained over the last few decades has allowed us to offer innovative products that meet the needs of parents and students of all levels.


Our Story

In its beginnings in 1977, Geocan was able to take an important place in the school’s product import sector, but it was the creation of the partnership with Louis Garneau Sports inc. in 1998, which defined the company’s competitive advantages: design and innovation. A first line of school bags with their effigy was created as well as a range of portfolios and various school items. Geocan continues to design and distribute the entire range of Louis Garneau® school items as well as the Oro brand.



We are proud to be able to count on the expertise and vision of a team entirely dedicated to thinking and designing.

Geocan relies on the input of experienced manufacturers who understand the importance of quality and durability. In addition to the school collections of Louis Garneau and Oro, Geocan designs from A to Z its own lines of products for school signed Off Track, Corrosive, Cleo, Geo and Gazoo. Brands now recognized across the country.

Our Distributors More than 500

To get our collections so that every family can access them easily. We carefully select each distributor across the country to remain at the forefront of the industry and maintain the enviable reputation we have built over the last 40 years.

Geocan strives to exceed quality standards and always offer the most attractive, practical and sustainable products so that all students can enjoy a well-equipped school year!

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